"Great design isn't just pretty, it makes the world a better place. When I design something, it isn't just for my customers. It's for everyone who sees it."

-Nathan Madsen

Nathan is a self taught graphic designer, currently working for Foxtail Marketing in Utah County. He has worked with over 300 different clients from around the globe, specializing in Branding and Marketing. Nathan has been able to help companies of all sizes increase their brand recognition, improve sales, and build buyer trust. Even though Nathan has designed for large companies, his favorite projects are the ones that help improve his community in Orem, Utah. In addition to designing logos, websites, and advertisements, Nathan also does illustrations, painting, interior design, music composition, 3D Rendering, and Video/Sound Editing.

I love our community, and I want to give back. I know it is hard running a small business, and I want to help! Every local business in the Utah, Salt Lake, and  surrounding counties receives a discounted price on all designs. Whether your an established local business or a fresh start-up, I want to help you make the business of your dreams. After all, your success is my success!


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